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Lynn Brown Inspires: Young CEOs and Leaders of Tomorrow is a 501c3 nonprofit organization for youth in grades 4-12 and ages 17-25 that promotes Economic Empowerment through Entrepreneurship with an emphasis on Leadership and Education through FREE Entrepreneurship summer camps and 6 Business Pods with Business mentors. Students and parents are provided with the resources and programs needed to create, maintain, and sustain a productive business through education, leadership, and community service to achieve their entrepreneurial, leadership, educational and also personal goals.

Main Objective

A movement to encourage African American youth to become business owners and leaders of the community at an early age. This program provides an opportunity to plant the seed of ownership early so the wealth gap can be narrowed so they will be able to achieve financial freedom now and in the future. This will not only benefit them and their families but will benefit the community, the state and the entire society.  Lynn Brown Inspires has a partnership with YESCarolina (Youth Entrepreneurship in SC) in Charleston for entrepreneurship and looks forward to adding more partners to achieve all of the company’s goals.

Our Mission



Ownership is Power: 

Entrepreneurship for our young people is not just about giving them the fish but teaching them how to fish so they can have their own fish and  give back to others. 
Learning the principles of Entrepreneurship is critical to business ownership. We educate the students, then we provide them with mentorship and resources to start, create, and update their own business. They are taught how to use their business to not only empower themselves but their families, the communities and the world.



Educated Entrepreneurship 

Educate is Power: 

Educating our Young CEO’s to know that understanding the principles of Business Ownership is key to them sustaining their businesses for generations to come.
During the camps and school programs, students are taught how to create a business plan and then how to present their plan and ideas to an audience.  We also focus on their academic and post-secondary goals in elementary grades through college.


Leadership is Power:

Leadership is about having the ability to empower people. It is imperative that a young entrepreneur is taught the principles of Lifetime Leadership. Our Leadership Principles are taught through our Young CEO’s of Tomorrow Organization. The Officers are taught leadership principles to lead the members of the organization. The organization also has a required program for the Parents of Young Entrepreneurs: when the parents are empowered, the children are empowered. 


We Need Your Support Today!

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