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Young CEOs Testimonials

Chariti Mealing

"Lynn Brown Inspires and the Young CEO's of Tomorrow has had a tremendous impact on my life and my business." 

My name is Chariti Mealing, I am a freshman at Columbia International University and the CEO of In Phocus Photography & Videography. I have known Mrs. Brown since I was a little girl, but I had no idea that I would be apart of her organization many years later. Mrs. Brown has always encouraged me to get involved in various ministries at church, but one day she asked me to participate in her second annual entrepreneurship camp. I immediately said no, but every time I saw her at church she would ask me to do it. I eventually agreed to do the camp on the condition that I would not have to present in front of the judges on the day of the shark tank presentation.

I went through the two weeks of the camp, and when the day of the presentation came, despite any apprehension towards public speaking, I presented my business. Mrs. Brown supported me throughout the camp and has continued to do so since then. I am now one of the photographers for the Young CEO's of tomorrow, and I also am managing her website and Facebook page. I have been involved in media projects with other members of the organization as well.


Many opportunities have been presented to me as a result of this program, and I am so thankful to have Mrs. Brown as a mentor. She is always willing to assist me when I need help with something. Just recently Mrs. Brown has been helping me practice for my Public Speaking course in college. I was extremely nervous about giving my first speeches, and I doubted that I would do well. She encouraged me and I ended up having, as my professor told me, "one of the best speeches that he had heard this semester."

I am one of many people who have been impacted by Mrs. Brown's generosity and genuine care. I encourage anyone who is reading this to consider letting your child be involved in this organization. It has been a blessing in my life, and I hope it will be the same for you.

Christin Mealing

After attending the young entrepreneurs camp 2020 quarantine edition, I learned the importance of being more organized, and by doing so I was able to work efficiently and multitask.


I really enjoyed the camp and I'd do it again if I could I also loved the fact that I did it this year because it kept me busy in the middle of a pandemic 


Nia Berry

I am Nia Berry, I am 16 years old and a Junior at Dutch Fork High School. I was in the camp in 2018. I am the CEO of Simone’s Scrubs where I create and make all-natural body scrubs that exfoliate dead skin cells, leaving behind soft and glowing skin. Being in the camp gave me not only a hobby but something I want to spend the rest of my life being, which is an entrepreneur. The camp made me step out of my comfort zone and become a better version of myself.


The camp impacted my business by helping me with the management side of things. I still have the same business but, in the future, I would like to change the name and add more products. My business changed a lot during the pandemic. I was not able to do vendor fairs so I made my own website so customers could order my products. I learned from the camp that you don’t have to be an adult to have a successful business.


I am the Vice President of Career Development in DECA at my school, Vice President of the Young CEO’s of Tomorrow, and WE CARE Coordinator. I do like to create new ideas. My favorite classes are marketing management and dance. I like marketing management because I learn things that apply to my business. I like dance because I can express myself and choreograph different dances. My favorite quote that inspires me is, “I felt like it was time to set up my future, so I set a goal. My goal was independence.” -Beyoncé.  Beyoncé inspires me to dream big and set goals. Yes, I would like a business mentor to help me.

Hannah Berry

I am Hannah Berry. I am 12 years old and in 7th grade. I go to Dutch Fork Middle School. I did the camp last year. H + N Designs does customized fluid art paintings. 

At first I did not want to do the camp but at the end I loved it because I learned a lot about business. I have gotten two big orders since the camp. Yes, my business started from making paintings because I was bored to now having a business about it. I learned how to manage my own business. The camp made me come out of my comfort zone and be confident.


I like creating new ideas. I like science, math and chorus because it challenges me. I want to be a pediatric anesthesiologist. My favorite quote is “study while others are sleeping, work while others are loathing, prepare while others are playing, dream while people are wishing.” Yes I would like a mentor to help me.

Madison Maurice

Hello! My name is Madison Maurice, I am 16 years old and I am the CEO of Touched By Paris Studios. Touched by Paris Studios is a hair salon that caters to young girls ages 4-18. Our mission is to empower young girls to express themselves through confidence and style.

I know your probably wondering, what drove me to start my own business. Well I’m so glad you asked! I’ve known that I wanted to be in the cosmetology industry since the age of four years old! I knew that I could own my own business one day, but I didn’t really know how to accomplish that goal. In the summer of 2019, my mother enrolled my sister and I into the Be Inspired Young Entrepreneurship Camp where I met Mrs. Brown. From there I spent two weeks at the business camp learning the ins and outs of a small business and what it takes to start one.


I was also able to network with other Young CEO’s my age and collaborate with different sponsors and business owners that were in my field of work! At the end of the camp, a Shark Tank was held to showcase all of the wonderful business ideas that had been created over the two week period. The crowd and judges were so amazed by all of our work that some even agreed to mentor us or sponsor us to make sure that we got all of the help we needed! I was actually the first place winner for the competition! Since then Mrs. Brown has worked tirelessly to ensure our success! 
   Even though some of our events got canceled due to the pandemic, Mrs. Brown still keeps in contact with us and keeps the program moving. We even started a small organization that keeps us in the Be Inspired Program after we have gone through the camp. The organization is called the Young CEO’s and Leaders of Tomorrow. In this organization, we host events that help out the community, provide exposure for all of the Young CEO’s involved, and have monthly check-ins to make sure that we are staying on track.


As the Administrative Assistant for the Young CEO’s and Leaders of Tomorrow I keep track of all of the meeting minutes, help plan events, and I help keep everyone organized and timely! As we grow in size, we are offering more jobs to Young CEO’s to make sure that everyone is actively involved! For example,  one of our newer programs is our WE CARE Program. The WE CARE Program is in charge of our community outreach programs. We find needs in the community and host events that are geared towards that need.


This year we saw that the 2020 Census and Voters Registration was a big need in the community, so we took action. We held a 2020 Census Drive and a Voters Registration table for the community at the Trinity Baptist Church on Saturday, September 13, 2020. It was so nice to see everyone once again and to make a difference in our community. Mrs. Brown stresses that philanthropy is a huge part of being a business owner! She understands that without our community we would have no support or access to any resources that we could use. 
     Not only has Mrs. Brown helped me grow as a business owner, but as a person as well. Without her leadership and guidance, I would not be the Young CEO I am today.

Jayonna Productions

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