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Lynn Brown Inspires: 



The Young CEO’s and Leaders of Tomorrow is an organization and a movement that is a part of Lynn Brown Inspires- A nonprofit organization that inspires and promotes economic empowerment for young people in grades 4-12 and ages 17-25 through Ownership(Entrepreneurship), Education and Leadership.  Norma Lynn Brown is the Advisor  and the CEO/Founder of Lynn Brown Inspires.


 Mission  To Inspire and empower  young people who have their own businesses and  or have a desire to start their own businesses. To give them the opportunity and resources to help sustain, maintain and learn more about businesses through educational and leadership principals.

This organization meets every 3rd Monday until April and then will participate in other activities during the summer.  The organization partner with other businesses, organizations and individuals who will help the young people to develop into successful CEO’s and Leaders. In order to meet the specific needs for each grade level, we have a president and vice president to represent and meet the needs of all members.  All Members are asked to join at least one committee 

The organization has a yearly calendar and the Young CEO's and Leaders  Advisory Board and Board of Directors fully  support the student's goals and vision of the organization through their annual calendar 


How to join the Young CEO's and Leaders Off Tomorrow 

IF You know a young entrepreneur or leader in the 4th-12th grade or 17-25 please invite them to join our organization. Please contact Norma Lynn Brown for additional information.





Young CEO's and Leaders Officer Leadership Team

  • President of the Young CEO’s and Leaders of Tomorrow

  • V.P of Young CEO’s and Leaders of Tomorrow

  • Administrative Assistant

  • President of the Jr. CEO’s & Leaders (grades 4-6)

  • Vice President- Jr. CEO’s & Leaders

  • President of Young Adult CEO’s & Leaders

  • Vice- President of Young Adult CEO’s and Leaders

Members of the Organization are asked to join a committee:                                                                                                          

  • Treasurer (Finance Committee)

  • Marketing/ Visual Media (Committee)

  • Social Media (Committee)

  • Public Relations (Committee)

  • Community Involvement (Committee) – WE CARE

  • Program/Special Events (Committee)

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