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After teaching Entrepreneurship in the public school for 35 years GOD gave me the Vision to teach children in the community how to start and maintain their own business.

After retirement in 2017 I conducted my first camp BE Inspired Young Entrepreneurship camp in partnership with YESCarolina. I now offer summer camps in Columbia and one in Charleston S.C. Camp Wanza) in honor and in memory of Tywanza Sanders a young amazing entrepreneur killed in the Mother Emanuel shooting.

BE INSPIRED:Young Entrepreneurship Camps & Programs 

The 2-week FREE summer camp is offered to students in grades 4-12 and ages 17-25. The camp teaches the students how to create a business plan for their existing business or a business they have created. The first Friday of the camp students are involved in an impactful leadership conference . 

"Shark Tank" Business Plan  Presentations

The last Friday of the camp, students present their business plans in a "Shark Tank" format to a panel of judges, special guests and the community.  1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners are chosen from each group and awarded seed money for their business. However, ALL students are awarded seed money for their participation. 


First place winners from each level, are then invited to compete in the YESCarolina State Competitions. In 2018 the first-place winner of the Be Inspired Camp Tyra Jefferson also won 1st Place in the State Competitions. She won 3,000.00 and an all-expense paid trip to New York City for herself, her mom and your Be Inspired Instructor!

Because of the demand for the camp, this year we plan to have 40 students, 20 Elementary/Middle school and 20 High School. Students will be provided with breakfast, lunch, camp instructors, Young CEO Counselors, transportation, computers/laptop access, supplies, leadership conference, seed money for their businesses and a shark tank opportunity to share their plans to judges and the entire community and an experience that will give them a lifetime of economic and personal Empowerment.

CAMP WANZA Young Entrepreneurship Camp

In memory and honor of Tywanza Sanders –Young man murder in the Mother Emanuel Church


In addition to my 2 Columbia camps, I also had the same success in my Charleston Camp. This camp has the same format as the Columbia camp in partnership with YESCarolina I was humbled and honored to do a camp in honor of Tywanza Sanders, who was murdered in the Mother Emmanuel 9 Church. It was so amazing that the majority of the students were cousins, nieces, nephews and friends of Tywanza and shared how he inspired them to become entrepreneurs.

 The first day of the camp was the first day I met the students and most had no idea of their business. However, at the end of the 2 weeks, they amazed the audience and judges by what they had accomplished in 2 weeks. The camp was like a family affair because Tywanza’s mother and family members attended daily to help me with whatever I needed. I have committed to helping with the camp every year. They are also a part of the Young CEO’s of Tomorrow in Columbia and collaborate and participate in many joint occasions and projects.

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Mrs Brown is the CEO and Owner of  Be Inspired 2, LLC. Through Be Inspired 2, Mrs. Brown serves as a consultant for YES Carolina, to assist career teachers in 6  selected high schools in the  Richland One School District in Columbia.  She partners with the teachers to instruct the students in the Entrepreneurship classes how to utilize their classroom knowledge to create a business plan for a business of their choice.  After the classroom instructions, these students also participate in a "Shark Tank" classroom presentation and first and second place winners are eligible to compete at the YESCarolina state competitions. After the presentations the students also become members of the Young CEO’s of Tomorrow and are able to continue to receive information and resources for them and their parents to have a successful business.

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